MK 32 Surface Vessel Torpedo launcher

For short range attack, the Mk 46 torpedo was placed in two trainable MK 32 launchers. Each launcher carried three 12.75 inch Mk 46 torpedoes. The launchers were placed one on each side of the ship and forward of the quarterdeck on the weather deck. A torpedo shop was located on the Port side of the helo hanger area. After water entry, the torpedo powered up and chased the sub using either passive or active sonar.

MK46 ASW Torpedo

The MK-46 torpedo is designed to attack high performance submarines.

Primary Function: Air and ship-launched lightweight torpedo
Contractor: Alliant Techsystems
Power Plant: Two-speed, reciprocating external combustion; Mono-propellant (Otto fuel II) fueled
Length: 102.36 in. tube launch configuration (from ship)
Weight: 517.65 lbs (war-shot configuration)
Diameter: 12.75 inches
Range: 8,000 yards
Depth: Greater than 1,200 ft (365.76 meters)
Speed: Greater than 28 knots (32.2 mph, 51.52 kph)
Guidance System: Homing mode: Active or passive/active acoustic homing
Launch/search mode: Snake or circle search
Warhead: 98 lbs. of PBXN-103 high explosive (bulk charge)
Date Deployed: 1966 (Mod 0); 1979 (Mod 5)