Wardroom and Forward Battle Dressing Station

The Wardroom on a Destroyer (and most US Navy ships) had multiple purposes. It was primarily the meal location for the ship's officers at one of two sittings with the Captain typically sitting at the head of the table. Stewards served the officers meals as well as coffee when meetings or socializing occurred in the wardroom. Food was prepared aft in the wardroom pantry, passed through the pantry service window, and then served by stewards. During meals, the table cloth on the main table was white while it was changed to green during meetings and periods of lounging by the officer's. During heavy seas, the table cloth would be wet down so that plates and dishes wouldnt slide off the table.

Battle plans, strategy meetings, and other important conferences were held in the wardroom as well as more relaxing events such as watching television, a movie, or reading a magazine. During the 26 October, 1962 boarding of Marcula by JPK sailors and officers, preliminary plans for the event were dicussed here. In case of emergencies and battle, the wardroom would be turned into a forward battle dressing station where medical personnel would operate, treat, and provide medical services to those wounded in action. The main dining table would serve as an operating table with both surgical and emergency lighting overhead. Water could easily be retreived from the nearby pantry.

Current (Awaiting Restoration)

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