01 Level Torpedo Deck and Forward Refueling Station

The forward deck area on a Gearing class Destroyer with a FRAM I configuration such as KENNEDY was utilized as a location for the MK32 triple torpedo tubes, that fired a MK44 or MK46 anti-submarine (ASW) homing torpedo, as well as a forward refueling and at-sea replenishment area for supplies and fuel.

Destroyers typically began to run out of fuel and supplies while out a sea for long periods of time. As such, refueling at-sea activities were undertaken with oilers and larger naval craft to send hoses over and connect them to the fueling recepticles that these Destroyers had on the torpedo deck and also aft on the 01 Level DASH Flight deck.

More importantly, if a enemy submarine was found to be within close proximity to the Destroyer, a MK44 or MK46 ASW torpedo would be fired from one of the MK32 tube sets to remove a enemy submarine from the immediate area.


Starboard side with refueling station in background


MK32 Torpedo Tube Launcher; Port side