On board a ship, every job must be handled by a sailor and that includes laundry. Ship's servicemen manage and operate shipboard retail and service activities which includes the ship's store, vending machines, barber shops, and laundry. Each divisions berthing space had laundry bags in which sailors would seperate their "whites" and "blues". These bags would then be delivered to the hooks in the passageway outside the laundry on the division's set wash day. Each piece of the sailor's uniform was stenciled with their name and service number on it for identification when it was sent back to the division's berthing compartment in mass. Each berthing space typically had ironing boards and an iron available for sailors to press their uniforms. Officer's and enlisted sailors had their clothes washed on different days. Equipment in a laundry consisted of a washing machine, a dryer and a steam laundry press.

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Looking at washer and dryer to starboard