Interior Communications (IC) and Plotting

The Interior communications and Plotting Room was the primary location for communication, fire control solutions, and alarm and signal systems. Equipment included the main communications switchboard, the master gyro compass and gyro switchboard for feeding course direction to numerous repeaters throughout the ship, the public address system amplifier, the General, Chemical, and Collision Alarm ampflier, and the sound-powered telephone system switchboard. Gunfire control systems contained within included the Mark (MK) 1A Fire control computer, stable element, and fire control switchboard.

The MK37 gun director on the 03 level of the ship was a rotating mount that contained optics and MK25 Fire Control Radar for locating and tracking targets. From this MK37 gun director, information on target course and speed was fed automatically into the Mk 1A fire control computer located in the IC Room. This computer combined the target course and speed information from the MK37 director with information on the Destroyer's course and speed, wind speed and direction, ship's roll and pitch, and the correct range and trajectory for each gun. The resulting computer calculation was fed to all gun systems to enable them to be aimed to hit the target.

The Main Gyro compass in IC was utlized to keep the guns on target. It is a stable element unaffected by the pitch and roll of the ship as it moves through the water. Using the gyro-compass, the Destroyer's guns were kept on target automatically by the MK37 director and the MK 1A computer through a series of automatic electrical and mechanical signals, moving the guns to stay on target in spite of the ship's movements. Via this stable element, both 5"38 gun mounts could be controlled and firing commenced via the equipment in the IC and Plotting Room.


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