Fuel and Water Test Shack

The Fuel and Water Test shack is sometimes referred to as the "Oil King's Shack". This compartment was used to test and measure impurities in both fuel oil and various water supplies. These tests for fuel oil included specific gravity using a hydrometer and a centrifuge to measure water and other entities in the fuel oil. A majority of the Oil King's testing was on boilerwater and feedwater that was required to be very pure and lacking air content so the ship's machinery would not be harmed. Testing on the water included alkalinity, chloride content, PH, conductivity, hardness and dissolved oxygen testing in order to determine corrective treatment.

The "Water King" tracked how much feed and potable water was on board in his eight tanks and how much of each type had been distilled and used during the previous 24 hours. Both King's delivered a consolidated report to the bridge to be given to the Captain at "Noon Reports". Copies went to the Chief Engineer, the Main Propulsion Assistant, the leading Chief Boiler Technician and the leading Chief Machinist Mate. The Water King also had to deliver potable water samples to sickbay on a daily basis.

This space also held equipment and the hydraulic well used for the operation of the anti-submarine rocket (ASROC) loader crane above.


Looking into the Oil King shack