Deck and Gunnery Office

The Deck and Gunnery Department Office on the main deck served both the deck and gunnery departments. This department includes the functions of anti-submarine warfare (ASW), gunnery, and deck seamanship. Publications and blueprints were stored here relative to the operation, care and maintenance of all guns and weapon system including designation and fire control equipment. The deck section of this department was responsible for the operation, care and maintenance of the ground tackle, mooring lines, ship's motor whaleboat, the life rafts and other lifesaving equipment; towing gears and equipment, rigging, gangways, fueling and provisioning at sea gears, and other deck equipment related to deck seamanship. Personnel from this department oversaw loading and unloading, anchoring, mooring, fueling and replenishment at sea operations. They were also in charge of the paint, sail, and Bosun locker. Maintenance records and other official US Navy documentation were created and maintained by a department Yeomen.