After Diesel Generator Room

The After Emergency Diesel Generator Room contained a three-cylinder General Motors diesel engine ( General Motors Corp, Model 3-268A, 145 BHP, 1200 RPM, 0.6 P.F.) coupled to a 100 KW generator (General Electric Co., 100 KW, 150 KVA, 1200 RPM, 3 Phase 60 Cycle, 440 VAC). Gearing class Destroyers had two of these 100kw diesel generators aboard, one forward and one aft. They had the capability to be used as a secondary backup electrical source if the ships main generators in the After and Forward engine rooms were put out of service. When normal electric power was lost, this engine would come on automatically and supply power to the ship's systems which were considered most vital for defense until normal power could be repaired.

Before Restoration

After Generator before restoration


After Generator after restoration


After Generator Room


After Generator Room Looking Aft